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Linda K. Johnson is an Oregon native. For over three decades, she has been deeply influential in the maturation of dance in the NW region, contributing as a maker, performer, academic, somatic educator, Contemporary Alexander Technique teacher, mentor, curator, and arts administrator. Her choreographic work has been presented by PICA/TBA, On the Boards, and ORLO, among many others. Nationally, she is honored to be one of five custodians of Yvonne Rainer's seminal post-modern work, Trio A. Johnson has participated in residencies at Yaddo, Caldera and Rauschenberg/Captiva, and is one of 12 featured artists in the recently released book by Kristin Timkin - The New Explorers, which includes a forward by Lucy R. Lippard.  In 2014, she opened her private practice teaching Contemporary Alexander Technique, having studied for four years with master teacher Robyn Avalon and the Alexander Alliance.


Abbreviated CV for Linda K. Johnson


Upcoming / Current / Recent Activities

PICA/TBA:2016 - Festival Scholar
Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) Presenter; Nov/2016
Artist in Residence.  N.E.W. Artist Residency Program, Studio 2
Adjunct Faculty/Dance & Performance.   Portland State University
Alexander Technique Certified Teacher
(Un)Made – Linda Austin Solo Relay Project – May/2015
PICA/TBA: 2014 & 2015.   Community Conversations: Luke George, Alessandro Sciarroni
Axis Dance Company.  Trio A Repertory Project; Oakland, CA; 2014
PICA Precipice Fund Awardee (with Linda Austin and Tahni Holt).; 2014
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artist Residency.  Captiva, FL; December 2012
Historical Custodian.  Trio A by Yvonne Rainer
Featured Speaker.  TEDxPortlandConcordU; March 2012
Independent Artist.   Dance: before, after, during, small group exhibition
Marylhurst Art Gym, Portland, OR.  April/May, 2011
Guest Lecturer.   Stanford University/Freshman Humanities Core; May 2010 & 2011
Visiting Assistant Professor.   Mills College, Oakland, CA; 2009-2011

Creative & Choreographic History

2016 Every Place Needs An Atlas (after Solnit); Studio 2
2014 Great Expectations; Boris and Natasha Cabaret, PWNW
2013  In the slow, wide deep of all that is passing…; Conduit Dance+ Series
2012  Terms and Conditions; PICA/TBA:12, Ten Tiny Dance
2012  The Habit of Being; TEDxPortlandConcordiaU.  March/2012
2011  Terra Cognita: Walking to Know/Satellite (commissioned solos with exhibition)
2009 The Henna Project (site-based, temporary public art; collaboration)
2008 The City Dance of Lawrence and Anna Halprin (site-based; curator/producer)
2008  Promenade (site-based public performance gathering; collaboration)
2008  South Waterfront Artist in Residence Program: curator/director/producer
2007  Carton Services Warehouse Project (site-based; collaboration)
2007  a lunch time (site-based, mixed-media public performance project)
2007  Merge (mixed-media solo; commissioned solo)
2005  what remains…requiem (solo, mixed-media)
2004  twentyonedays; (solo; commission)
2003  Layers of Location; collaboration w/architect Martin Houston (site-based)
2003  Works [1966-2003]; collaboration w/Shelley Senter; new/historical works
2002  Trio A (1966; Yvonne Rainer) permission to teach and perform in perpetuity
2000-01 Tax Lot #1S1E4ODD - performance installation (site-based; public art)
2000  Evidence (solo/group; site-based; artistic director)
1999  The View From Here (performance installation; solo; site-based; public art)
1998  Not Fully Myself (7 commissioned solos; artistic director/producer/performer)
1997 HeadOut (ensemble; artistic director)
1996 A Small Piece of My Mind (trio; collaboration)
1996 CandyBox (duet; collaboration; producer)
1996  Pipe Dreams (solo performance; site-based; collaboration: L.Wysong)
1995  Co-founded Conduit Contemporary Dance Center; Portland, OR
1995  Transient Habitations (solo; site-based; artistic director/producer/performer)
1993 - 1996  Concept Planning Team, Vancouver School for Arts and Academics
1991  Finding the Forest (ensemble; site-based; artistic director/producer)
1991  Intersection (ensemble; site-based; visual/conceptual collaboration: L. Wysong)   

Grants / Commissions / Fellowships / Residencies

2012   Rauschenberg Artist Residency, Captiva, FL
2011    Commission: Satellite, Marylhurst Art Gym – Dance: before, after, during
2009  Commission: The Henna Project”, Oregon Arts Commission
2008  Commission: “City Dance: The Legacy of Lawrence and Anna Halprin”
2007  Commission: American Association of Landscape Architects – “a lunch time”
2006  Commission: “Merge”, Ohio State University MFA Thesis Project
2005  Residency, Caldera Artists’ Community, Sisters, OR
2004   Commission: “twentyonedays”, University of Oregon MFA Thesis Project
2003  Artist-in-Residence (Trio A and performance), Reed College; Portland, OR
2003   Dance Special Projects Grant – “Works [1966-2003]” (RACC)
2003   Residency - Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Cascade Head, OR
2001 Yaddo Residency Fellowship.   Saratoga Springs, NY
2000  Public Art Commission (RACC): "Tax Lot #1S1E4ODD "; Portland, OR
2000  Commission: Reed College. RAW (Reed Arts Weekend), "Evidence". Portland
1999   Oregon Individual Artist Fellowship in Dance: Oregon Arts Commission
1999   Commission: ORLO "The View From Here".  Portland, OR.
1999  Technical Assistance Grant: (RACC). Portland, OR
1998  Dance Special Project Grant: "Not Fully Myself", (RACC) Portland, OR
1997  Commission: "Head / Out", Vancouver School for the Arts and Academics, WA.
1996  Dance Special Project Grant: "CandyBox";(RACC). Portland, OR
1995   Dance Special Project Grant: "Transient Habitations", (RACC). Portland, OR
1994   Commission: Oregon State University, Dept. of Music. Corvallis, OR
1991   Interdisciplinary Special Project Grant: "Finding the Forest" (RACC). Portland
1991   Commission: "Intersection", Artquake Outdoor Arts Festival; Portland, OR

Collections / Notations

2009  Where the Revolution Began – Lawrence and Anna Halprin and the Reinvention of Public Space;                                    Spacemaker Press.
2009  Landscape Architecture Magazine, Jan/2009
2003  Core Sample Exhibition Catalogue for Layers of Location; Clear Cut Press
2001   Public Art Network "Year in Review - Compel + Provoke 2001".  Curated online collection of "Best of Public                    Art" for 2001  "Tax Lot #1S1E4ODD" (3 slides)
2001   The Rain People: Stories of the Portland Art Scene (CD) by Dmae Roberts
2001   Greater Portland; Urban Life and Landscape by Carl Abbott (for The View From Here)
2000  Metropolis Magazine.  Oct/2000, p. 50; "Farming the Urban Core" (Tax Lot review)
2000  Visual Chronicles of Portland.  Archival collection of works on paper owned by the City of Portland.  Two                       prints - "The View From Here" series.
2000  NPR/Living on Earth radio documentary of "Tax Lot"; 12 minutes

Exhibitions / Installations

2011    Dance: before, after, during; Marylhurst Art Gym, Portland, OR
2004  Public Art Gallery - RACC’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition; featured project:
             TaxLot 1S1E4ODD (2000-01); The Portland Building.
2003   Virescence Project: Recycled Art Show; curated by Daniel Duford
2000  Taking Space, Making Place - American Institute of Architects Gallery
            Collaborative Installation: Mark Lakeman, Brian Borello and Vanessa Renwick; Portland, OR
1999   The View From Here – PNCA Feldman Gallery; project artifacts; Portland, OR

Performance (1987-2016)

Yvonne Rainer: Trio A (1966)

Getty Center/ LA:  An Evening of Dance with Yvonne Rainer and Simone Forti; 2000
Judson Church/NYC: Movement Research at Judson Church (w/ Shelley Senter); 2003
Reed College/Portland: [Works 1966-2003], a shared concert with Shelley Senter; 2003
Dance Mission Theatre/SF: Range of Motion Series I (w/Shelley Senter); 2002

Bebe Miller: Rain (2003)

Reed College/Portland: [Works, 1966-2003]; 2003

Mary Oslund:

Behavior (2000)
Arch (1998)
The Salvation Pieces (1996)
Dark Rooms (1991)
Ohh Ahh (1989)
Entry (1987)

Linda Austin:

Mutt (2010)
The Use of Rumor (1999)
Silence (1999)

Kristy Edmunds:

Daily Fevers (1998)
Over There (1997)
Perusal (1996)
Partitio (1992)

Randee Paufve: 

Red Snow Suit (1999)

James Canfield: 

Sonata (1998)

Keith V. Goodman:

PSU Contemporary Dance Series (1991)





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