'Linda teaches me to to infuse my everyday life - my everyday movements, with the joy and well being that I draw from our lessons."  - Lucie, writer 


Contemporary Alexander Technique

Furthering the ground breaking work articulated by F.M. Alexander over a century ago, the Contemporary Alexander Technique is a practical, hands-on study of the principles of coordination, movement, habit, and awareness. Whether encountered in a private lesson or group workshop, the Alexander Technique teaches a student how to sense and apprehend habitual life patterns in order to relieve pain, tension, dis-ease, and unnecessary efforting. The result of this subtle and profound study is the re-discovery of ease, balance, strength, flexibility, grace, joy, excellence, and choice in every activity of life.  Equally relevant for the Olympic athlete, concert pianist, homemaker, seventy year-old devoted gardener, or 8th grader with performance anxiety, the Alexander Technique invites each student to realize an innate sense of physical and emotional unity and wholeness.

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For more general information about the Alexander Technique, this site is very useful.

Working with Linda K.

I have been immersed in the art and practice of teaching for over 30 years, primarily through the fields of contemporary dance, dance improvisation, and creative movement  - and more recently through various forms of somatic education.  My depth of experience and study includes immersive work with farming and gardening, hatha and kundalini yoga, Authentic Movement, the Feldenkrais Method, Body-Mind Centering, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Ideokinesis, contact improvisation, and all forms of contemporary and modern dance.  In 2010, I entered the Contemporary Alexander School teacher training program under the direction of master teacher and body worker, Robyn Avalon.  One of four schools founded in the lineage of Marjorie Barstow - the first graduate of F.M. Alexander's school in London, the Contemporary Alexander School is the US branch of the Alexander Alliance International, a consortium of Alexander programs around the world embracing a shared philosophy about advancing the work of F.M. Alexander.  In addition to Robyn, my primary master teachers include Bruce Fertman,  Midori Shinkai and Sakiko Ishitsubo.  

I am grateful to the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency funded by the State of Oregon, for a career opportunity grant in 2013 which enabled a prolonged study with my master teachers in Japan.

Lessons with Linda K.

My current Alexander teaching practice includes over 30 students ranging in age from 11-75.  I meet each student exactly where they are and together we adventure to some place new and 'out-of-habit'. The work is playful, tender, and life-changing, all at the same time.  Below, some of my current and former students have been generous enough to reflect on their experience with the work and with me.

If you would like to explore the work more, schedule a lesson, or make any further inquiries regarding cost and location, please email me.  I am happy to either email or call you back.  


"Working with Linda has been life-changing.  Her use of the Alexander Technique has relieved my muscle and joint pain and changed the way I use my body.  I have had chronic pain for years and her work has released old patterns and re-trained my body and nervous system. My hip joints are now functioning properly so I can stand and walk with comfort.  Linda is adept at working on the physical and energetic levels that get to the root cause of the problem rather than chasing symptoms.  I recommend her highly."

Cara, College Professor

“Linda is a wonderful teacher. She is extremely observant and attentive and gives clear and concise feedback and information. I am amazed at re-learning how to move more naturally, in a way that has relieved tension and pain, especially in my hands. I am a mandolin player and had such stiffness and swelling in my left hand, that I feared that I would have to quit. I had tried many home remedies, supplements, massage and acupuncture treatments, but nothing else has been as effective as the Alexander Technique. I know that Linda refers to herself as a teacher, but her work with me has been very therapeutic. As a mental health therapist myself, I found a lot of healing in her kindness, patient instruction and gentle, nurturing touch. She also uses humor, which really helps me to relax and open up to learning. Instead of resenting the problem that I had with my hands and joints, I am grateful that they led me to working with Linda. I highly recommend her!”

April, Musician and Mental Health Therapist

“I found Alexander Technique life-changing. As a competitive dancer, I began lessons to improve my dancing, but quickly found myself immersed in a deeper study of how I move and think in every aspect of life, especially how habits are formed. For me, Alexander Technique brought together disparate areas of knowledge and unified them on the foundation of bodywork. Linda’s expertise as a professional dancer and her depth of experience in applying Alexander Technique to choreographic movement makes her an absolutely invaluable guide for a dancer of any discipline. My dancing transformed from a bundle of habits to a connected, easeful whole. I was better able to direct my energy to make my movement powerful rather than tense. I believe any dancer or athlete will notice a huge difference in their performance with Alexander study. In addition to being an excellent dance teacher and Alexander teacher for dancers, Linda has been tremendously helpful for me with body movement outside of dance, including in acting, singing, and everyday movement. The benefits extend far beyond my dancing. I often recommend Linda to people whether they have an athletic/artistic goal or not, because I believe anyone with a body will find Alexander Technique to be a breath of fresh air, and perhaps as transformative as I have.”

Marisa, Competitive Dancer

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to be taking Alexander lessons from Linda K. She brings a passion and excitement to the work that makes the study safe and fun.  With a strong kinesthetic awareness from teaching and performing movement, Linda K. is able to see and bring the student's awareness to the subtlest body patterns.  I have been a bodyworker for many years and the lessons have given me an insight into how to work more with my client's body then just doing something to it.  Personally, I have experienced more ease of movement and a deeper sense of my physical presence.”

Jonathan, Master Bodyworker

“Linda possesses the knowledge, discipline, and conscientiousness of a real-deal professional, as well as the grace, generosity of spirit, and ease of insight and intuition of a gifted healer. Through the program of cerebral calisthenics and voodoo miracles I am certain she has designed expressly for me, Linda is teaching me how to be a collaborator with my own bones in mutual (re-)discovery of who I'm meant to be and how I'm meant to feel.”

Stephanie, Poet and Mother

“As a performer I am constantly wanting to evolve, to be multi-dimensional onstage. Through this work with Linda K. I have been opened up to the art of presence. She has the ability to connect language and image with touch, giving my body experiences that are new and curious. They can be quite subtle and nuanced or bigger, more epiphany-like. Linda K. has the ability to organize the profound so that I do not get lost or intimidated by the work. After lessons I walk away feeling lighter in myself and with tools to recall all the kinesthetic ideas presented to me. These tools are invaluable. They have given me access to a different range of textures, tones and qualities in my dancing as well as methods to ground myself during a show. I have re-engaged with performing, in a way that has more distinction and fullness of awareness. I can more readily soften into the intimacy of audience-performer and to acknowledge transitions with more dynamism. Not only has the work effected how I approach performance, but has effected how I approach the dailyness of my life, infusing it with the notion of quality and care.”

Lu, Professional Dance Artist

“I am a violin teacher who has experienced chronic pain.  Linda's Alexander Technique lessons have been very valuable and eased my pain substantially.  Linda offers a unique perspective as a dancer and educator.  Her joyful and playful approach works well for me, and it is easy for me to incorporate her suggestions into my daily life.”

Olivia, Violinist and Violin Teacher

"Linda's work combines her innate kinesthetic sense, years of dance training, and the matrix of Alexander Technique.  She sees and feels your body and fosters alignment through her understanding and connection -- and fast!"

Carol, Septuagenarian

Block print by Augden Hayes, 2014.

Block print by Augden Hayes, 2014.